fresh semi husked coconut


Variety: Matured Coconut
Color: Brown/Light

Grade Designation:
Grade A diameter: 40-45cm | Weight : 1-1,2 Kg
Packing: PP Bags @25pcs/22-25Kg/bag

Grade B diameter: 35-40cm | Weight : 0,8-1 Kg
Packing: PP Bags @25pcs/22-25Kg/bag

Grade C diameter: <35cm | Weight : 0,6-0,8 Kg
Packing: PP Bags @25pcs/13-14Kg/bag
Weight(Kg): 1Nuts=500gms-1400gms

Packaging: 20-30 coconuts in one netted/PP bags

Load ability: 20″FCL Approx. 11000-12000 pcs | 20″ : 950-1000 Bags


High Quality Fresh Semi Husked Coconut

PT SAMUDERA ASIA SUKSES is an Indonesian company formed to manufacture fresh semi husked coconut, coconut fiber, and Cocopeat. In Western Indonesia, on Java Island, PT SAMUDERA ASIA SUKSES has a plantation in Indonesia on the eastern part and owns a production plant. As an Indonesian enterprise, we own farms and factories in several locations so we can make and supply finished goods. 

Why Choose Us for Fresh Semi Husked Coconut?

PT SAMUDERA ASIA SUKSES manufactures and offers products to a diverse and wide clientele according to their specifications and preferences. For the past 8 years, our company has dominated the derivative product market. The farmers of PT SAMUDERA ASIA SUKSES are the best partners for the raw materials required for the fresh semi husked coconut. We let our customers choose their own private label, formula, brands, specifications, and packaging.  

Qualities of Our Fresh Semi Husked Coconut

Organic & Best Quality

We serve the best fresh semi husked coconut in the world. We are famous for our purity of the products and qualitative taste. 

Highly Nutritious

The semi husked coconuts that we serve you have the highest level of nutritional properties. They are rich in proteins and vitamins. 

Sweet And Delicious

We guarantee you that once you try our fresh semi husked coconut, you will see how delicious and sweet it is. 

Reduces Abdominal Obesity

The customers who are dealing with abdominal obesity must try our semi husked coconut. It will reduce abdominal obesity. 

We are also a world-known coco peat manufacturer so you may look at all our products. If you want coconut products that are organic, fresh, natural,l and best-quality, this is the right platform for you. Contact our customer service agent today for your orders.